Monday, March 29, 2010

Interview, Bottle Shop and The Red Wine?

dapat menulis setelah berminggu menghilang. Sungguh, I'm lost!kurang istiqamah sungguh.=p
Allahu Allah..kejap sungguh masa berlalu. kelip2 mata, hari ni sudah hari ke 3 cuti. Yes, we are having 2 weeks of uni break. Alhamdulillah! A break with lots of projects. MasyaAllah...

What happened to the Interview?
Hee...well, I just finished my interview with company. Let's make it clear..I have conducted an interview with a Managing Director for Classic Contractors; Mark Stewart. Alhamdulillah, in a group of 4, we as a team (great team i guess) finally arranged it pretty well. It went smoothly. Thank you Allah~ We recorded it. Besides, I took my position to be as photographer during that time. We took picture together with the interviewee and with his awards as well. Nice person! I could not imagine myself had interview with one of the most important poeple for the industry/business. Alhamdulillah! I can say...there's lack of process or procedures compared to Malaysia. Surprisingly, he offered us to email him personally if we find it necessary. No specific requirements or rules. The thumb rules are : Honesty and relax... ;)

Oh yeah, one more thing. We went to a Bottle Shop in Karawara to buy a wine before the interview session. To be honest, I was trying not to be part of it. I did not contribute any dollars or have any shares in buying the wine. They chose Red Wine, one of the most popular type of wines in Australia. Somehow, it reminds me of Margaret River...Ok, back to the topic. What i did was I bought a box of Whittakers chocolate as a replacement and tied it up with ribbons (what a classic chocolate and my favourite. ;) ). I prepared it last night before we went out for interview.
I'm kinda regret because I did not tell them why i did not pay for the wine. We were quite busy finding way to Willeton (the location of Classic Contractors). I'm planning to tell them the reason. Yeah, I remembered!When one of the team members asked me what type of wine we should buy, I'm just said 'Oh, sorry! I don't drink' ...Uh, I should tell them earlier. But, its alright. It's done! I'll talk to them. I hope they can understand and respect my stands. InsyaAllah!
I'm surprised- That was the first time I went into Bottle Shop! =). Well, this is an example of the emergency cases which needs us to be more prepared and stick to our stand. Do not show Islam is hard to apply but show to the world; we can be creative in Islam and we are proud to be Muslims. InsyaAllah..once you help Islam, Allah will help you. One more thing; respect each other. If you do not want something that gives impact to our Islamic stands and values, avoid it by being a creative person. This is the chance to test your skills and creativity. Don't reject it badly! Once you respect other people, they will respect you. Just be yourself according to Islam. ;) InsyaAllah...

Alright. That's all for today. Together we learn. InsyaAllah...=)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Note to Remember...3

Allah...Jangan hidupkan rasa benciku pada saudara seagamaku

tanamkan rasa rindu pada sahabat seperjuanganku
rasa cinta pada jalanMu ...

jangan Kau hadirkan sepi dalam hidupku, dalam mimpiku ...
(Ayie Nazahie 2010)