Thursday, February 26, 2009

weekly assignments!!

believe me or not..
3 out of 4 units got weekly assigments to be submitted each week!!
well..nama pun weekly assg means due date pun each week ..
1st week ws pretty nice
juz meet few buddies n yeah new tutors..
but i pretty like my CIB 100 tutor-Scotland people!!
wit the unpredictable-slang..=p

these r my units 4 2nd yr,1st sem:Communication in Business (cib 100)
: Law (Biz Organization) 222
: Business Statistics (BS 201)
: Accounting (Financial) 250

duhh!well..still on this track:'Keep walking Ayie'

p/s:sem ni,lect bersepah2...but still got Elizabeth Jolley,my fav lect hall...=D

Saturday, February 21, 2009

satu cerita

my classes wil be started on 24th means i hv another 1 day left.=D
I'm off on Monday and only have one class for each Thursday n Friday. that's y i need to continue my job. But,of course i dun really think to cont my prev job at Harvey Norman. I love dat job!but,i got few problems wit dat. well.doesn't matter~

I'm goin to take a look on my new work place. a double storey house!!perhaps i love diz job. well, d wages is not really good compared to prev thinking to do house cleaning rather than office or warehouse cleaning...but if i got a chance n big wages like b4..i will!=p

we'll see......................

Sunday, February 15, 2009

2A Beveridge St

heh..well im still in 2A beveridge prob so far.juz curious when can we get our new blind..hoh!poor us~


now, im sharing my beloved house wit Sal & housemates for 2 weeks. good!!my house becomes alive aftr one yr!!heheh~nice poeople mates!we'r goin crazy..=D

n yeah!we oso waiting for Syazwan& her housemates..their houses r having cleaning process and investigations due to renewing d Ks (K stands for Contracts).

well, of coz we'r happy to invite all of 'em to stay tempo wit us...we're friends!!InsyaAllah we'r more than willing to help once needed~=)

live together,stay together,cook together n eat together~oh yah,sleep together =D

Friday, February 13, 2009

BBQ 2009!

heh, im so happy as we were having our 1st BBQ in!!Ingt tak rmi.rupanye..rmi jgk (jpa Students, Petronas Students, Juniors and Family di Perth. Sempat jgk knl dgn akak biotech and her husband from Melbourne.

well,we gona start our new sem on 23rd feb,.so,it's good if i can have an awesome break wit my peeps,here.sigh~

Personally,dat ws my 1st time having fun till nite (830 pm je) in Perth.seriously!!!yeah..kirenye itula plg lewat pernah kuar kt Perth.b4 diz,tenggelam dgn uni stuff till late i perth mg lawa sgtt~pluz,we finally have our Ferris Wheel (like Melbourne..=p) it!

d gurls r counting the time when can we take a ride on ferris wheel tu..heheh!I really wish i can have my nite (not late nite!) at Perth City..hee~well,perhaps b4 study season begins..oh!
n Yeah, lgi satu,i juz realized dah lama sgt my JPA Batch tak kumpul ramai2 cm td..since most of us dah sampai Perth, latest event could be our 1st gathering in 2009..hee~kire ok la tu..but,wpun berada di tempat yg sama, i didn't have chance to say hye to Aso n Azli..heheh!sibuk dgn takraw la deyall..=)

it's ok!hopefully,deyall buat housewarming utk rumah br deyall..InsyaAllah~=p

yup!dats it for now..will update soon.

P/S:A BUNCH OF THANKS TO ALL PERTH MEMBERS, esp kak Tie n Ustaz Helmi =)Alhamdulilah.InsyaAllah leh gather lgi rmi2..=D and SO SORY ade pict yg
tak clear..if nak gmbr2 lain ade je..but gimme ur Pendrive =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

10 types of men

Sepanjang 20 tahun diberi nikmat hidup dr Allah, byk sgt jumpa manusia yg normal n pelik..
Since from Malaysia til Perth, since sekolah rendah-SMKA Maahad-INTEC-Perth..these are types of men which i could recognize...(the bad types)

(1) A man who loves cooking and inviting people to eat whut he already cooked.but,he does not really like to clean up the kitchen.

(2) A man who loves to be a stalker..or might be in a group as stalkers..loves to know wut other people doing. they act don't know wut they r doing (deyall rse diri mcm best je..saje nak jd fame.tak tau agknye org mg tak suka deyall..)

(3) 2 muka!!or bermuka2...huh~duno why they have such a junk face..

(4) A man who loves chicks..yeah!!I bet he couldn't stand wit one gurl til age 30.

(5) A man who got power and leadership. But sometimes, dia mybe tak dgr or kurang dgr masalah sebenar anak2 buah..that can result a misundertanding case..

(6) A man whow is very2 good person..byk ilmu yg pntg in d future..but sometimes i think,he doesn't know how to react and deal wit others.

(7) A man who loves judging women.but, i dun think he's judging us in a better way.
Dun judge a book by its cover..of coz,1st impression..ladies yg pki tdg labuh sgt baik n solehah..
but then..ladies yg tak pki tdg labuh jgk yg lebih baik rupanya. Well,sometimes pakaian itu melambangkan akhlak. But kdg2 org dah memesongkannya.Luar baik dlm..nauzubillah.
once jumpa gurl yg baik,deyall akn rse gurls yg lain kurang baik..or erti kata lain,cepat sgt buat setahun knl, takkan nak judge kita ni tak bagus sgt (wpun pd one's perfect). yg silapnya,...lelaki ni bila nmpk yg baik deyall baik sgt dah.Nah..we can't be like dat.people can change.But we can help each other to be better!

(8) Pemalas.Kemas rumah skit pun tak nak..Masak pun mls. Camne la nti nak bina keluarga n didik isteri n anak2?

(9)Not matured enough. Eh, dh sampai oversea pun msih budak2 lgi..But, i still remember when someone said to me:'Ayie nak jumpa org matured ni payah jgk kdg2.Jgn kata belum kahwin pun tak mtg...ape lgi lps kahwin, blum tentu dpt berfikir matang..'.urm!btul jgk..atlez,dpt btulkan pendirianku b4 diz..Aku pun bukannya matured sgt.Still merangkak2 lg.

(10)Ego yg sgttt tinggi. Basically,. i admit dat a man should have dat kind of ego.But, it's really nice if rmi yg dpt kawal ego..ok je if ego..coz dh mg, kena trun skit n pandai kwl coz tkt leh makan n rosakkan diri sendiri..hehe~(pntg nak tau cmne nak deal dgn org2 mcm ni..) But i can undertand y..cuma kita kenala berpada2 dgn ego msg2..

* u guys tak kan knl sepenuhnya baik buruk seseorg wanita till u live wit 'em soon.
Coz yg kita rse baik sgt itula akn mematahkan hati kita towards the end..Bersangka baiklah sesama kita...*

p/s:still learning how to deal wit life

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Remember, life is about everything, it is unlimited to anything but limited to something, there are barriers but hey, watch out!dat could be REMINDER or HIKMAH from our love,Allah..
Some poeple believe..' Life is only about me and my self and people around me..'but hey come one!!''You will never walk alone..'There will be something around you...for sure.

Life or kehidupan is somehow complicated. but if u trust GOD and urself..InsyaAllah..should be fine. when we talk about kehidupan..of course there's too much to say..Religion,Love,Studies,Friends,Family,Food,Places and so on...

Religion-this is very sensitive among us. One word from me-r.e.s.p.e.c.t. once u have this..aman dunia..coz this word agk hot and always dipertikaikan. kita hidup dgn berbilang bangsa dan agama. Of course, kita kena hormat people around us. but kdg2, dunia mkin pelik. wpun hormat tu dah ada, but still perang and kemusnahan.but ade possibililty, they keep asking..'what is mean by respect?'
well.people is unique coz they love trying a new thing.

Love-Man!!one word which is very popular..but,ramai org tak faham maksud sebenar..
for me..'Love Allah, and u'll get another loves and u'll love 'em and then they will love u..'
I still remember words by my Ayah: 'Cinta bukan dtg dr texting and calling..cuba tau experience hidup bersama..then u'll know wut is cinta'..
congratz Ayah,,quite sinis but nice!!
Basically, poeple want the best thing happens in their lives. if u do some researches, u'll recongnize..a man needs bad gurl juz for fun. but, when it comes to marry, he gona choose good girl. well, dis is life. tak mustahil,ada jgk yg ttp pilih bad gurl as wife, n ade yg berjaya mengubah bad gurl into good gurl (if a man intends to change her). dats cool!!It's not easy to change another person unless they got hidayah from Allah and ada N.i.a.t..InsyaAllah semua ok. yes, when we talk about good soulmates, siapa yg tak nak perempuan yg baik and solehah. yang mampu menjaga makan minum,bakal keluarga dan mampu mengajak kpd kebaikan di jalan Allah..and siapa tak nak lelaki yg soleh wa musleh?yg mampu menjaga n membimbing keluarga ke jalan yg benar n lebih baik and memahami apa erti perkahwinan sebenar. Evryone loves dat (except org2 yg hatinya sudah digelapkan..Nauzubillah)...but kdg2,like wut i said b4, ade org dapat yg kurang beriman,,but dgn keberkatan n hidayah from Allah, yg buruk itu berubah kpd baik n beriman, even BETTER!
Alhamdulilah..but semua bergantung pada niat,usaha and istiqamah..InsyaAllah.

p/s:Yg baik dtg dr Allah...yg tidak, dtg dr diri ini sendiri.


'But yes, whoever fulfills his commitment and fears Allah,then indeed,Allah loves those who fear him.
Indeed,those who exchange the movement of Allah and their(own) oaths for a small price will have no share in the Hereafter, and Allah will not speak to 'em or look at 'em on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He purify 'em,and they will have a painful punishment..'

(Ali-Imran: 76-77)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2nd day in perth

Alhamdulillah..finally selamat sampai ke rumah..wpun Air Asia mcm crap..hoho~
prob dgn boarding pass lg..
36 degree time sampai.. so far okla..
still busy nak re-arrange rumah..
n setle down kan juniors...

missing family so bad..but still leh survive..

will upate later..

Thursday, February 5, 2009


tak sgka plan mengejut when my Ayah informed his new plan!!
esok ptg blk taiping (wee~dpt tgk Zaim)..then we gona stay there til monday (coz cuti thaipusam) n then gerak ke KL (happy jgk coz dh almost a year tak g KL..haahah)

but..dat announmenct was incredibly i suddenly gt down..hahah~mybe bcoz of 'terkejut kes'..huhuh~
yela..wpun dah pack cm rase lain coz tbe2 kena blah..n tbe2 2nite wil gona be d laz nite tdo kt Muar..huhuhu~

dulu..1st time fly kt KLIA..takde lak sedih2 je..
tp tbe2 td melalak cm singa,,=p
malu je kt adik aku..huhuhu~
bs,tbe2 la aku sedih..


oh coming..(dgn nada mcm tak berupaya..)
mg takde niat nak blk for diz time being..
cm rasa lain mcm skit..

p/s:gona miss Muar n Msia -wpun ex-clazmate aku (Qayum)penah ckp Muar naik bus pun susah..pstt..itu mg kata2 tipu...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Packing bagai nak rak...

hohoh` word which means...u've to go sumwhere wit lots stuffs to bring wit.
cm biasa..i think my luggage wil be exceeded.hopefully, Sue's luggage wil cover the total amount of both...haha~
yeah..wut the stuffs ive already packed in?
-baju2...(thanks Ibu 4d extra baju. eh,it doesn't mean my baju dah tak muat lg ok..)
-One cool attire-CCC branded =)
-Canon's bag (feel lazy to carry it...)
-my dearest lappy!!(aih..mana nak ltk ni??)
-tdung from CHC and Jordan..yeah~
-Sport shoes (bajet dgn harapan yg tggi utk joging =)
-last but nt beloved forever ever--'Bantal wangi'

act..ade lg few tggu dulu..laz mnt br ltk..ngee~
well..i really hope i cn just drop by in KL for seconds..huh!
Perth..Im coming to start my 2009 there..wpun summer~hohoho.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Back to old skewl...

SMKA MAAHAD MUAR...peh sape tak knl my skwl kt muar ni..wpun it doesn't fame like SBPI or MRSMs..but atlez,.quite fame kt muar n johore..heheh~(tak nak kalah)
back to maahad (pagg td from 11 til 2.30),meriah sgt dgn my beloved teachers...=)

1st quest-'awak kt mn ye now?lupe lak saya..'ambik course ape?

2nd quest-'where's our souvenirs from Oz ek?'..
aiyak!!terasa...bukan ape..susah jgk nak beli sekali utk smua on dat time..coz my lugagge ws already full...dats y we juz bring 'em a cake n some sweets..okla then notin!=p..urm..InsyaAllah.i'll try to bring sumting from Oz by end of diz yr...(if i hv a tix la)=D

3rd quest-'eh,y ure taller than me ek?'knp awak ni makin tinggi..kalah saya..'
duuh~agk dah..mesti ade nye quest ni...
my asnwer-'mestila...saya makan dgg kangaroo...' n 'of coz la..dr dulu kan sy yg pgg title d tallest person..cikgu dr dulu dh kalah..'heheh~

4th quest-'eh u already got a special ring...bile tunang' or other words 'kad mana?bila nak kawen?eh,dtg nak hntr kad ke?boyfriend cmne?
dat quest mg fav cikgu2!!tah nape..mybe juz wana joke around,heh!then..aku dgn suka hati reply...
'kwen?cikgu ni dr td asik ckp psl kawen...well,still have a long journey to go..sory ya'
heh...blasah je buat ayat...dah hangin pg smpi lunch hour,wedding case still not ended.,..
yang best,dat quest oso has been asked by cikgu lelaki..baik bujang or already married.
'cikgu knp asyik tny saya dh kawen ke blum...knp cikgu nak kat saya ke?...'

hahah~oppss~'im sory' (Amir Raja Lawak 2009)
a bit curious y they keep asking me dat quest..hahah~
well...dats sucha normal thing in a r/ship btween sir/teacher n his/her student...

n one more thing, huge buildings r built here n there..smpi padang pun dh takde ditelan bangunan2 dlm proses pembinaan..heh~my beloved maahad is goin to be 'SBP'..ptt pun..
but,the best part is bout my cikgu2,ustaz2 n ustazah2..they r still like b4..notin changes except few people..=0

but Maahad, u'r rock!!=)...
Maahad wit Love...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tempoyak Ayah... word dat could make me cair.
if it is made by Ayah..,mg sedap!!superb!if lawan dgn nasi je pun bolehhh~
tempoyak itu sgt berharga bagiku if it is cooked wit:
(1) daun kunyit
(2) Petai
(3) Ikan bilis

in short,if it completed wit those stuffs,tolak lauk2 lain pun boleh =)
my Ayah mg best dlm msk2...Tq Ayah coz made one for me b4 goin back..i won't forget it

p/s:gona miss Ayah n oso his special tempoyak..(i'm org kg..western food pun takleh lawan malay food tau..=p)

2 days-journey wit Ayah

Alhamdulilah..juz arrived from Kuala Pilah. Ayah ajk blk kg tbe2 ptg smlm..
there were 2 causes;
  1. Coz mybe tak blk for 2009...
  2. Atuk n Uwan dh sembelih ayam kampung for me..due to 'pantang-larang' of my operation.=(
rules br-dun take ayam (except the organic one)+seafood..

urm..rezeki dh dtg...jgn ditolak.=)
sebak2..when i got a few hugs n kisses from my beloved atuk n uwan =(
InsyaAllah..i'll come back

p/S:I LOVE salah!dats a film title..juz wana say, my flight will be on 10th Feb 2009,10.0o am,LCCT KL (the same date wit my 1st flight to perth in 2008..10/02/08...hehe~